Midsummer Bridge in Litovel

The oldest bridge in the Czech Republic, the stone bridge in Písek, is certainly known to most of you, not to mention Charles Bridge. But do you know where the third oldest bridge in our country is located? It is also the oldest functional stone bridge in Moravia and can be found in Litovel.

Information for visitors

Adress: Vítězná, Litovel
GPS: 49.70569280, 17.07284000
Midsummer Bridge in Litovel map

Interesting facts Midsummer Bridge in Litovel

St. John's Bridge is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Its length is about 60 meters, it is held by six pillars and in the middle is a statue of St. Jan Nepomucký, authored by Jan Sturmer.

The bridge in Litovel is an important technical monument and, together with the mentioned statue, is inscribed on the state list of immovable cultural monuments.

A bridge over the stream was built in Litovel in 1592, ie at a time when the local townspeople were prospering. The bridge boasts first-class quality, as evidenced by the fact that it withstood all the floods that affected the city. It was built primarily to fully suit the purposes of the time, ie pedestrian and horse-drawn carriages. Since its construction, it has undergone a number of reconstructions and reconstructions, the last of which took place after the flood of 1997, during which its appearance also partially changed. Currently, the bridge is adapted for pedestrians, cyclists and one-way car traffic.

TIP for tourists: At the head of the information board by the bridge, turn right and descend to the paved stone bank. If there is a drought, the riverbed is partially dry and you can enter there, but at your own risk. It is from these places that there are beautiful views of the bridge!


Author: Andrea Štyndlová