Charles Bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge is one of the most visited and most magical monuments in Prague. And not only thanks to its strategic location, but also thanks to two magical places where you can wish for a wish. And it is said that it will come true for you…

Information for visitors

Adress: Karlův most, Praha
GPS: 50.08645330, 14.41130110
Charles Bridge in Prague map

Interesting facts Charles Bridge in Prague

The first place where passers-by go to make a wish is at the golden cross on the railing of the bridge. It was here that Jan Nepomucký was thrown into the Vltava when, according to legend, he did not want King Wenceslas IV. to reveal the confessional secret of Queen Sophia. It is said that five stars appeared above the surface. If you look for this place now, you will find it easily, not only thanks to the front but also thanks to the relief on the decorative grille that protrudes above the railing.

The second "stop for wishes" can also be found at St. Jan Nepomucký - right under his baroque statue, a sleek relief glitters, depicting how St. Jana Nepomucký thrown into the Vltava.

The fact that Charles Bridge has a truly magical core is also evidenced by the ingenious date for laying the first stone. Historians agree that it was 1357 on July 9 at 5 o'clock and 31 minutes. The digits correspond to a sequence of odd numbers from one to nine and back (135797531). Moreover, the constellation was favorable for this day - the conjunction of Saturn and the Sun. Charles Bridge was built on the site of the former Judith's Bridge, the foundations of which are visible in the cellars surrounding some of the houses. The independent construction of the bridge took 45 years, it was completed in 1402.

Charles Bridge boasts several of the best: it is the oldest bridge spanning the Vltava in Prague and the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic after the stone bridge in Písek. It was named after 1870 at the initiative of Karel Havlíček Borovský. It was originally called a stone or Prague bridge.

Today, the bridge is lined with 32 statues and sculptural groups. The first statue of the "Passion of the Christ" was built here in the middle of the 15th century, most of the statues and sculptural groups are Baroque and have been added since the end of the 17th century. Matyáš Bernard Braun and Jan Brokoff Ferdinand Maxmilián Brokoff are among the most resounding names of sculptors who created sculptures for Charles Bridge. Some sculptures have already been replaced by copies and the originals are stored in the Lapidary at the Prague Exhibition Grounds and in the Gorlice Hall in Vyšehrad.
Charles Bridge has undergone dozens of floods, the worst trigger was left by the flood in 1874 (ice broke pillars and six were damaged, the front head of the pillar collapsed) and 1890 (two arches of the bridge and two statues fell, three pillars were damaged). The last reconstruction of the bridge took place in the years 2007 to 2010, it was the upper part. Repairs to the lower part of the arches are also planned for the future.

Tourists most often cross Charles Bridge on the route Prague Castle - Hradčanské Square - Nerudova Street - Malostranské Square - Lesser Town Bridge Tower - Charles Bridge - Charles Street - Old Town Square - Astronomical Clock - Celetná Street - Powder Gate, which copies the old Royal Route. It was here that the people of Prague paid tribute to the rare processions.

The best way to get to Charles Bridge is from the Staroměstská or Malostranská stations, ie by tram and metro by green line A. Will you also go for your wishes?


Author: Lucie Poštolková