Chekhov Bridge Prague

Čechův most is the tenth in Prague in the direction downstream of the Vltava (and the eleventh upstream) and above all it is the only Art Nouveau bridge of such a large structure in the Czech Republic, and for this reason it is one of the state-protected technical monuments. Its width is 16 m and length 169 m. It is the shortest and also the only steel arch bridge in the whole of Prague.

Information for visitors

Adress: Čechův most, Praha
GPS: 50.09296280, 14.41709310
Chekhov Bridge Prague map

Interesting facts Chekhov Bridge Prague

Čech Bridge was built between 1905 and 1908 according to the design of engineers Jiří Soukup, František Mencl, Václav Trč and architect Jan Koula. The construction of Chekhov was connected with the redevelopment of the old Jewish town and was to belong to the route leading from Wenceslas Square through Old Town Square, Pařížská Street and the Letna Plain ditch to Prague Castle. However, the route was never realized. At present, Čech Bridge connects the Eduard Beneš embankment and Pařížská třída.

Its artistic decoration is especially valuable throughout the bridge. The glazed iron lanterns on the tops of the columns carry four bronze statues of geniuses by Antonín Popp. The headings of the pillars against the water are again carried by bronze statues depicting light carriers with torches, and the pillars on the water are again carried by bronze statues of hexagonal hyders with the emblems of Prague.

The bridge has been named after Svatopluk Čech since its inception, but between 1940 and 1945 it was renamed Mendel Bridge.

Prague Boats cruise ships and Natal & Porto restaurant ships depart from Dvořák's embankment from Čech Bridge. Those interested can go with them on one of a number of sightseeing cruises through Prague. There are typical harbor piers, small palm trees and floating information stands.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová