State Chateau Trebon

If you find yourself in the historic center of Třeboň, you can not miss a visit to one of the largest castle complexes in our country. A beautiful Renaissance chateau with more than a hundred rooms is already an inseparable part of the town of Třeboň. Two floors and four wings, a three-storey tower and farm and administrative buildings form a beautifully decorated castle complex. You can also see the famous Třeboň archive, which is one of the most famous archives in the Czech Republic. The connection of the chateau with two important aristocratic families. The Rosenbergs and the Schwarzenbergs, interesting expositions of the sightseeing route make Třeboň one of the most visited castles.

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámek 115, Třeboň
GPS: 49.00863000, 14.75682080
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Interesting facts State Chateau Trebon

A tour of the castle will definitely satisfy you
You can see the extensive Renaissance Rosenberg rooms as well as the Schwarzenberg private suites, casemates, dog kitchen and stable. The castle gallery alternates between various exhibitions, the permanent exhibition is the House of Nature of the Třeboň region, you can admire nature in the castle park, built in the English style. Near the castle you can visit the Schwarzenberg tomb from the 19th century. The Rosenberg Archive has become one of the most important aristocratic archives in Europe. The castle park was destroyed in the 17th century and had to be rebuilt.

The Rosenbergs were replaced by the Schwazenbergs
The first mention of the manor house in Třeboň comes from the 14th century, when first a manor house and then a small castle stood on the site of the chateau. Třeboň chose Vok z Rožmberka as his seat and the addition and reconstruction of the original buildings began. In the 16th century, the castle was definitively rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau, and a brewery and a malt house were added to the complex. In the 17th century, the last Rožmberk Petr Vok moved here and the chateau was extended by other extensions. After the White Mountain, the castle was confiscated and even later the Schwarzenbergs became the owners, who took care of the castle until 1947, when it was nationalized.

Enter history with Petr Vok
You don't have to walk through the castle or the city alone. You can go on a tour with Petr Vok himself and listen to various legends or legends that relate to the Třeboň chateau. Mr. Vok can tell you, for example, about the division of the roses of the Vítkovci family, when he became the lord of Rosenberg and Krumlov and the owner of the coat of arms with a red five-petalled rose.

Author: Helena Syslová