Stráž nad Nežárkou Castle

A Baroque chateau stands in the small, picturesque South Bohemian town of Stráž nad Nežárkou in the Jindřichův Hradec district. However, it is not only he who made Stráž nad Nežárkou famous. In 1914, the local chateau was bought by the famous singer Ema Destinová, and she lived here until her death in 1930. The status of the town was returned to the village of Stráž nad Nežárkou in 2006.

Information for visitors

Adress: nám. Emy Destinnové 1, Stráž nad Nežárkou
GPS: 49.06878720, 14.90979140
Stráž nad Nežárkou Castle map

Interesting facts Stráž nad Nežárkou Castle

Originally, there was a tent camp for the border guard in Stráž nad Nežárkou, later a wooden fortified settlement, which was large enough to allow civilians to hide from the invasions of foreign troops. Enemies plundered this area mainly from the south, and at the time when stone throwers (forerunners of firearms) began to be used, the construction of stone castles began here. King Přemysl Otakar II. he asked the Vítkovec family to build a huge castle in Stráž nad Nežárkou. The Vítkovci did so and the guard castle stood here from the 12th century. However, as a result of a fire in the 17th century, it was severely damaged and Šternberk was rebuilt into a chateau.

It was bought in 1914 by Ema Destinová, who lived here until 1930, when she died. For seven years during the last century, the local castle was in the use of the Wehrmacht, for 20 years it was used by the Czechoslovak Army and finally for 30 years the Institute of Social Care for Mentally Handicapped Patients was located here. None of the mentioned users cared significantly about the chateau and its surroundings, so this important monument looked quite pathetic.

In 2002, the chateau was bought by the current owner, thanks to whom the building was reconstructed and de facto saved and restored to its current state, where it is one of the most beautiful not only in southern Bohemia.

For the first time in its history, the chateau in Stráž nad Nežárkou was opened to the public only in 2006, by Mrs. Livia Klausová, the wife of President Václav Klaus. The ceremony was also attended by the Governor of the South Bohemian Region and 250 important cultural figures from all over Europe.

The current form contains elements of the original castle and a more modern chateau. It is open to visitors in several circuits and, in addition, there is the largest and most comprehensive museum of Ema Destinová. The exhibition focuses on the singer's whole life and the days she spent at the local chateau.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová