Čimelice (chateau)

Perhaps a little neglected, but very picturesque Baroque castle, can be found in Čimelice, a village located in the direction northwest of Písek and only a few kilometers from Blatná.

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámek Čimelice, Čimelice
GPS: 49.46745810, 14.06513110
Čimelice (chateau) map

Interesting facts Čimelice (chateau)

Originally, a medieval fortress used to stand in the place of the present chateau, about which we learn from historical sources for the first time in connection with the year 1483. In 1543, the brothers Aleš and Petr Deymová from Střítež became its owners. Then, until 1685, the owners of the Čimelický estate changed quite often. Then, again for a long time, it belonged to Jan Jindřich of Bissingen, whose son, Karel Bissingen, had a Baroque-style chateau built near the existing fortress. The construction of the chateau took place between 1728 and 1730 under the leadership of the builder Antonio Canevalle. After the castle was built, the old fortress served as a granary.

After 1782, the owners of the chateau changed quite often again. In 1817 the interiors were modified and in 1850 Čimelice was owned by the Schwarzenberg family, to which it belonged until 1948. After that, the chateau served the purposes of the industrial film school. At present, the chateau again belongs to the Schwarzenbergs and occasionally opens to the public.

At present, the chateau has the form of a three-winged Baroque building with two floors. Across the large hall on the first floor, leading across two floors, there is a two-armed staircase, above which there is a free loggia with a balcony. Inside the castle are two smaller Rococo halls from the second third of the 18th century. Čimelice Castle is surrounded by an English park, which is open to the public.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová