Tábor Botanical Garden

An interesting place and an oasis of calm just near the busiest part of Tábor is the local botanical garden of the Secondary Agricultural School. It was founded in 1866 and is the second oldest botanical garden in the Czech Republic.


Information for visitors

Adress: nám. T. G. Masaryka 788/1, Tábor
GPS: 49.41375110, 14.66850330
Tábor Botanical Garden map

Interesting facts Tábor Botanical Garden

About 4,000 plants are currently grown in outdoor flower beds and inside greenhouses. Between 1900 and 1918, the Tábor Secondary Agricultural School had the status of a university and the collections have retained their academic scope to this day. Beginning in 1906, seeds were exported from the garden to more than four hundred locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Australia and New Zealand. In the Czech Republic alone, seeds are imported from here to about 100 addresses.

Visitors can admire the local thermophilic plants and exotic trees in the arboretum in the garden. Within the main research program, an economic system is presented, which is focused on useful crops that were used before the advent of chemistry in agriculture. In addition to the ancient types of spices, wheat is also grown here, the type of which they knew eight thousand years ago.

The Tábor Botanical Garden is open to visitors all year round and the entrance fee is paid only if you enter the greenhouses. During the spring and autumn seasons, various exhibitions are regularly held here.

A substantial part of the garden is occupied by an arboretum with domestic and foreign trees and shrubs. It is interesting that the plants here are not divided according to individual families, but according to their economic importance. A nice place in the arboretum is a rock garden and a small lake.

The botanical garden includes three greenhouses, two of which are open to the public. You can see a collection of orchids, cacti and carnivorous plants.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová