Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo is one of the buildings in the beautiful Lednice-Valtice area. Originally this small chateau was built for the amusement and relaxation of the nobility and as a lookout for them, today it serves as a lookout for all visitors. The most beautiful is the view of the setting sun over the pond in the evening, but even during the day you will have nice views of the area with Lednice ponds. You can also use the binoculars located at the top of the terrace, with which you can easily see the details of the castle in Lednice.

Information for visitors

Adress: Nový Dvůr 196, Břeclav
GPS: 48.78259000, 16.82416970
Temple of Apollo map

Interesting facts Temple of Apollo

The building stands about 3 kilometers southeast of Lednice on a hill by the shore of Mlýnský pond. You can walk to it along the red tourist sign connecting Lednice with Valtice, around the church there is also a yellow tourist route. By car, it is even closer here from Lednice, the pond is located by the road connecting Lednice and Břeclav. You can park in the parking lot about 250 meters from the castle. There is also a bus stop a few meters away for connections from both directions.

The Temple of Apollo is another example of the wealth and taste of the Liechtenstein family. This Empire building was built in the years 1817-1819 and its author is the Viennese architect Josef Kornhäusel. The sculptural decoration comes from Josef Klieber and was originally placed in the nearby Temple of the Muses, which was abolished. The temple is dedicated to the ancient god Apollo and is also decorated in this spirit. Its front side is supported by eight massive Doric columns. The main motif of the decoration is a mythological scene of the god Apollo on a solar chariot, located on the front wall. In the upper part of the chateau there is an observation terrace, to which a spiral staircase leads. In the back of the building is an apartment for the administrator of the temple.

The Temple of Apollo is open to visitors on weekends in winter and practically daily in the season from May to October (May and October except Mondays). From June to September, it is open until sunset in sunny weather, so you can fully enjoy this amazing view.

Author: Adriana Dosedělová