Nesovice-Nové Zámky

Approximately 7 km to the east of Bučovice in South Moravia lies the village of Nesovice and a chateau in it, which was probably almost certainly noticed by everyone who passed through the village. It stands on an elevated place, visible from afar of all parts of the world. Nové Zámky, as the place is called, is a proof of early Renaissance chateau architecture in our territory. They connect the castle type of the Italian castle and the fortified chateau residence in the style of the Italian villa barco.

Information for visitors

Adress: Nesovice 1, Nesovice
GPS: 49.15220000, 17.09194000
Nesovice-Nové Zámky map

Interesting facts Nesovice-Nové Zámky

Záviš from Víckov in Boleradice began the construction of Nové Zámky in 1561. The construction project was prepared by Vlach from the north of Italy, who probably also collaborated with the builders of Bučovice Castle. Subsequently, the owners of the castle changed quite often, which did not help him much and only a torso remained. Its layout was closed, consisting of four wings, and originally the castle was to be equipped with an entrance prismatic tower and corner turrets, however, from the original plan today only remains an L-shaped floor plan, so de facto only 1/4 of the building was completed. Later it was supplemented by roof attics and sgraffito facades.

In 1798, when Prince Alois Josef of Liechtenstein was the owner of the chateau, it was connected with the Bučovice estate, whereby Nové Zámky lost its significance and began to decay. Its original fortifications were dismantled and the western part of the north wing was demolished.

The most necessary modifications were then made to the castle during the 20th century. At present, the chateau in Nesovice is owned by the Regional Monument Center in Brno. The castle was briefly opened to the public, but since 2005 it has been closed again.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová