Bítov Castle

Above the beautiful Vranov dam, not far from the town of Vranov, stands the Bítov castle, which you should definitely not miss on your travels.

Information for visitors

Adress: Bítov 1, Bítov
GPS: 48.94364920, 15.70058780
Bítov Castle map

Interesting facts Bítov Castle

Bítov Castle was founded in the 11th century to protect the Přemyslid state. Today, on the second floor, there is an interesting zoological collection of domestic and foreign animals and trophies, founded by brothers Vladimír and Otakar from Daun. The castle manor kitchen is now also available for inspection.

You can choose from 3 guided tours. The menu includes the Palace, Armory and Famine along with a torture chamber. However, the last two circuits are only open during the high season or during special cultural events. If you prefer to see the sights yourself without a guide, you will be satisfied without any problems.

The tour itself includes a tour of the courtyard, the neo-Gothic chapel, the castle gardens of Baron Jiří Haas and seasonal exhibitions. The price also includes a tour of monsters on the theme of "Heraldic Beasts" in the basement of the former brewery. There are various weapons to see in the armory. It presents the work of armourers from the 16th century and also interesting works by riflemen.
We also recommend the traditional Christmas tour, which takes place during Advent, always from 10.00 to 15.00. The scent of candy, punch and ubiquitous carols await you. Finally, you can enjoy a small snack in the castle castle kitchen.


In the vicinity you can visit the Vranov reservoir, Palliardi fort, the natural monument U Doutné skály, Cornštejn Castle, Frejštejn Castle and Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau.

Author: Lenka Zelnitiusová