Moravský Krumlov Castle

Come with us on a trip to the Moravian town, where you will also find the Renaissance chateau Moravský Krumlov. In front of the chateau stood the Přemyslid castle, which was built together with the town. The castle was said to have stood on the meander here as early as 1289. The first owners were the lords of Obřany, who died out, and the castle found itself in the hands of the lords of Lipá, who sold the castle to the lords of Kravaře (1369). During their reign, a magnificent medieval mansion was built thanks to the reconstruction. The castle had an extended palace, a prismatic tower, a fort and moats.

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámecká 1, Moravský Krumlov
GPS: 49.04916920, 16.30723110
Moravský Krumlov Castle map

Interesting facts Moravský Krumlov Castle

The Hussite garrison settled in the castle from 1425 to 1429. From 1447 it owned the estate of Perold of Lipá. At the beginning of the 16th century, the castle was demolished for the most part and a Renaissance mansion began to be built. The construction was demanding and lasted twenty years. The courtyard has since been surrounded on three sides by two-storey arcaded galleries, and a unique staircase courtyard with a knight's hall, chapel and pillar arcades has extended the north-east wing.

The Thirty Years' War caused considerable damage to the castle and it had to be repaired several times. The older architecture was somewhat disturbed by the Liechtensteins, who at the end of the 18th century fell on the Baroque alterations. The Kinští family acquired the chateau before the First World War, but after 1945 the chateau was nationalized.

Of interest is the fact that the famous German physician, naturalist and alchemist Paracelsus has lived here since 1536, which you can recall during a tour of the Paracelsus Hall. He was to treat Jan of Lipá and stayed here for almost two years. Then he secretly disappeared because he feared the death penalty when he failed to cure his master.

For many years, a set of twenty paintings Slavonic Epic by Alfons Mucha was exhibited at the chateau, but it was returned to Prague after long disputes. The wish of the author of the paintings was that they be exhibited in Prague - now you can find them in the Trade Fair Palace. In the current chateau you can see an exhibition of postage stamps, period furniture and an extensive chateau park.

Author: Petra Nachtmanová