Vildštejn castle

Literally a few steps from the border with Germany, in the direction north of Františkovy Lázně and Cheb, you will find the castle Vildštejn. It is a Romanesque castle, one of the oldest in the whole Cheb region, which was founded in 1166. However, it was opened in 2001 and currently offers visitors a number of cultural attractions.

Information for visitors

Adress: Pod Hradem 81, Skalná
GPS: 50.16953280, 12.36004890
Vildštejn castle map

Interesting facts Vildštejn castle

Despite the fact that Vildštejn was founded in 1166, we first learn about it from historical sources in connection with the year 1224. At that time, Gerold was written after him and a year later Vojtěch Nothaft. During the 15th century the castle was conquered by Czech troops and in the 16th century it was rebuilt into a chateau.

Originally, the castle was two-part. Unfortunately, due to the reconstruction of the castle into a chateau, the appearance of the fort is not completely known to us today. The dominant feature of the castle, however, was a slender square tower guarding the gate and a large tribune chapel with a rectangular nave on the side. The place that was best protected in the entire castle grounds was the castle palace itself. The courtyard, which was originally smaller, disappeared during the subsequent Gothic and Renaissance reconstructions, so that the current appearance of the castle resembles a single building.

At present, Vildštejn Castle is owned by a private owner and you will find a castle museum, a museum of firefighting equipment and a restaurant in the renovated knight's hall.

A number of events are held in the castle, such as a historical program with a knight's feast, the castle chapel is used for civil and church weddings and the whole place breathes a magical atmosphere. The local attraction is a museum with real remains of a white lady, but also a dormitory for travelers, prisons, gallows and a museum of firefighting equipment with equipment by Baron Trautenberg. The castle has a medieval historical banquet hall, rich cuisine and a knightly menu. Domestic and wild animals are waiting for small children at the castle.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová