The medieval guard castle and chateau Horní hrad, called Hauenštejn, stands near Stráž nad Ohří on the slopes of the Ore Mountains. The ruin, in which the castle and chateau turned during the second half of the 20th century, has been flourishing again for more than 10 years and is becoming a cultural center with a number of possibilities for untraditional leisure time and interesting additional programs.

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Adress: Horní Hrad 1, Krásný Les
GPS: 50.34617780, 13.01783690
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Interesting facts Hauenstein

An interesting fate in the 20th century:

In the second half of the 19th century, the castle and chateau were bought by the Buyuoy family, who held it until 1945. In the period of II. During World War II, the castle was used as a center of the Hitler Youth. After the end of the war, the castle was confiscated from the Buyuoy for this reason and transferred to the Czechoslovak state. The castle and chateau would then be used for several years as a center and hostel of Jáchymovské doly, then until 1958 as a children's detention center for young people. But lack of funds in addition to slow decay. Due to the considerable distance from the supply centers and the cost of heating, the home was declared ineligible. The abolition and relocation of the children's detention center was the point of life in the castle.

Within ten to fifteen years, the castle and chateau Hauenstein turned into almost a ruin. Although the castle was the subject of many haunting negotiations to determine further use and prevent damage, none turned out well for Hauenstein. The owner could not be found and since 1960 he has increasingly been the target of vandalism and theft. In 1965, a proposal was even accepted to secure the roof of the cylindrical tower, but the other buildings of the castle were to be left to live. In the future, the castle itself was to be used for tourism only as a ruin.

In the seventies, the castle garden was gradually renovated. Today, the already famous arboretum was founded here by Ing. Jaroslav Hejtík, who for years tried to save and restore his own landscape, as well as the chapel on Zámecký vrch.

In 1982, even the Municipal National Committee in Ostrov, which became the administrator of the castle and chateau Horní hrad after the merger of Krásný Les with the town of Ostrov, demanded the abandonment of the monument's monument protection. After the demolition of the castle buildings, only the castle tower was to be occupied. Fortunately, in 1990, the proposal was rejected and Hauenstein was given a new chance to survive.

The castle hides Gothic cellars, a trophy and a knight's hall with a wooden cut ceiling. From the medieval tower you will find the beauty of the Doupov Ore Mountains. The Botanical Garden and Arboretum has an area of ​​1.9 hectares and offers an extraordinary collection of more than 40 species of maples, unique local endemics and a number of unique tree species from East Asia and North America. The garden is also a gene pool endangered by the flora area of ​​the hitherto undeclared PLA Střední Poohří.