Telč château

Would you like to see a perfect example of the transformation of a Gothic castle into a luxurious Renaissance mansion? Then visit one of the Moravian architectural gems, Telč Castle. Its owners approached the history and heritage of the ancestors very sensitively and the preserved original interiors testify to this. Renaissance halls and living rooms testify to the taste and sufficient amount of money for repairs and equipment. The owners also paid attention to the castle garden and park, they will enchant every lover of trees and flowers.

Information for visitors

Adress: nám. Zachariáše z Hradce 1, Telč
GPS: 49.18536500, 15.45132080
Telč château map

Interesting facts Telč château

Guided tours lead to the halls and rooms
If you are interested in architecture and various techniques, Telč Castle will surely satisfy you. In the jeweller's or banquet hall you can see sgraffito, stucco in the chapel, for example, and in the halls themselves coffered ceilings. In the Golden Hall you will find portraits and carvings in the coffered ceiling. Hunting motifs, complemented by a collection of trophies, often appear in carvings and paintings. Each of the halls is somehow focused - the African Hall, the Knight's Hall, the Theater Hall, the Blue Hall or the Imperial Hall will surely enchant you with its beauty and richness of decoration. The interior and furniture are from different centuries.

The influence of the Italian Renaissance is indisputable
In the castle you can see the remains of the original Gothic castle from the 14th century. The Renaissance reconstruction began in the 16th century, when the owner of the estate, Zachary of Hradec, returned from a trip to Italy. This journey greatly influenced him and inspired him for the Italian Renaissance style. Two new magnificent palaces were built here, built by Italian builders and craftsmen. The financially demanding reconstruction of the chateau was made possible by the family property and the dowry of Kateřina z Valdštejna. Portraits of the couple can be found in many places in the castle. The castle was inherited and the later owners did not make disturbing building modifications. The castle was later the property of the Slavat family and the lords of Liechtenstein.

Take a night tour
If you want to get acquainted with the history of the castle in a somewhat untraditional way, go on a night tour with the White Lady. Important figures in the history of Telč Castle will accompany you and introduce themselves to you as people with all the qualities that are recorded in chronicles or folk tales. Night tours are accompanied by music or a fire show.

Author: Helena Syslová