State Chateau Ratiborice

Ratibořice Castle is inextricably linked with the work of the writer Božena Němcová and her figure as a grandmother. However, its history is much more complicated and both the chateau itself and other buildings in Babiččina údolí deserve your visit. The charming location in the middle of beautiful nature, reasonable size and comfortable equipment have made Ratibořice chateau a pleasant summer mansion.

Information for visitors

Adress: Ratibořice 1, Česká Skalice
GPS: 49.13275610, 15.90717310
State Chateau Ratiborice map

Interesting facts State Chateau Ratiborice

You will also meet "Grandma" in the castle itself
You can walk through the castle itself in two circuits. The ground floor is reminiscent of the original owners of the castle, the portraits and porcelain are reminiscent of important European families. Various personal items of individual members of the aristocratic family are also exhibited. You can see the paintings, porcelain and glass on the first floor, where there are common rooms from different periods - from classicism to Biedermeier. The famous Duchess Zaháňská lived here and also welcomed her guests. The memory of her appearance in the work of Božena Němcová are the Cabinet of the Princess and the Room of the Shelter.

The castle was best known for Princess Zaháňská
The aristocratic residence in Ratibořice was already known in the 14th century. However, the original fortress disappeared and it was not until the beginning of the 18th century that a Baroque chateau was built here. The chateau gained fame only with the owners from the Zaháňský family, especially in the period when Ratibořice chose Duchess Kateřina Vilemína Zaháňská as her seat. The castle was rebuilt, a park was established, a hunting pavilion and a palm greenhouse were built. The castle also served as a diplomat for various secret meetings. Like many other castles, after 1945 Ratibořice Castle became the property of the state.

After visiting the chateau, go to Babiččina údolí
You can relax after a tour in the castle park. Then continue to Babiččina údolí - the mill and the water almond are definitely worth a short tour, as is the Old Bleach with Grandma's room. It is said that a red fairy, who formed a rainbow, lived by Viktorčina's raft. Be careful when returning through the castle park - at the fountains you can meet the elf Vodotrubka. It won't hurt you, especially if you give it a fresh croissant.

Author: Helena Syslová