Castle ruins Jestřebí

Jestřebí used to be a huge castle, built at the end of the 13th century above the Castle Pond by Jindřich Berka of Dubá. Unfortunately, its original form has only been partially preserved to this day. The bedrock under the castle eroded considerably, after which the edges of the rock were torn off and the castle was destroyed, of which only the torsion of the walls and the core with the fort have been preserved.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Jestřebí
GPS: 50.61192220, 14.58070530
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Interesting facts Castle ruins Jestřebí

Jestřebí Rock Castle is located about 9 km southeast of Česká Lípa and 6 km northwest of Doksy. It is located at an altitude of 259 meters and from its newly renovated viewing platform is an impressive view of the surrounding countryside.

The castle was built by the first generations of the Ronovec family. Of the massive rock castle, only one quarter of its original area has been preserved so far. In the Middle Ages, it stood right in the middle of swamps, which were difficult to penetrate. It is currently surrounded by trees. It is built on two sloping platforms.

How to get to the castle?

The Jestřebí Rock Castle rises on a sandstone rock near Mácha's Lake. Jestřebí is one of the oldest castles in the Českolipsko region.

From the east, Jestřebí is accessible by a staircase that leads through a shaft from the tank. From the west side, where the remains of the palace and the tower are, Jestřebí is inaccessible. From the whole ruin it is possible to get to the lower rock, climb the steep spiral stairs to the former castle well.

The best way to get to the castle ruins is from the main road connecting Doksy and Česká Lípa. When you reach the village of Jestřebí, take the Na Rychtě pub towards the center to the church and from there a short walk to the castle.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová