Hrubá Skála Castle

Just a few kilometers from Turnov, high on a sandstone rock, we find the romantic Hrubá Skála chateau, which definitely rightly served as a backdrop for the filming of a number of fairy tales. Visitors can see the courtyard and the observation tower, while all other castle spaces serve as a hotel. In the summer, there is an event called Discover the Middle Ages, during which the local courtyard comes to life with the bustle of jugglers and knights, dancers and musicians.

Information for visitors

Adress: Doubravice 37, Hrubá Skála
GPS: 50.54498890, 15.19468310
Hrubá Skála Castle map

Interesting facts Hrubá Skála Castle

In the places where today we find a romantic castle, there has been a castle since the 14th century, which was simply named "Rocks". The name Hrubá Skála got its place only due to easy confusion with the chateau Malá Skály, located in the Bohemian Paradise. The original castle was probably founded by Hynek of Valdštejn sometime around 1350. Among the most important family whose members owned the castle were the Smiřič family, who also had the castle rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau at the end of the 16th century. The chateau underwent Baroque alterations after a fire that destroyed the building in 1710.

In 1821, the Hrubá Skála chateau was bought by Lexa of Aehrental, subsequently undergoing neo-Gothic alterations and for some time serving as a recreational facility. During the 1960s, the chateau was adapted for the needs of a trade union hostel and fell into oblivion for almost fifty years. Currently, the castle building is used as a hotel, offering accommodation in rooms with a total of 150 beds.

Tourists can see the courtyard and go to the top of the prismatic tower with a gallery, from where there is a beautiful view of the Troskycastle and the Hruboskalské rock town.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová