Valdštejn (castle)

Do you know which monuments in our country belong to the oldest places accessible to the public? They certainly include the oldest castle in the Bohemian Paradise, Wallenstein. You will enjoy a tour of this very well-maintained monument accompanied by costumed guides - a knight, a hermit and Albrecht of Wallenstein himself. Bat nights, night tours, fencing fights, concerts, theater performances and other cultural events will not disappoint you when visiting.

Information for visitors

Adress: Valdštejn, Turnov
GPS: 50.56249690, 15.16708310
Valdštejn (castle) map

Interesting facts Valdštejn (castle)

Take a walk through the castle
During a free tour of the castle, you will choose your own pace and you will be able to focus on what interests you, at will. Upon arrival, you can admire the bridge with Baroque statues, which represent the patrons of the Czech lands. In the cellars you will meet archaeological finds and an exhibition of sandstones - this will introduce you to the origin, properties and importance of sandstone. In the newer part of the castle, be sure to check out the Ceremonial Lounge and the portrait gallery. Around the famine you will walk to the old part of the castle, where there is an exhibition of various models of castles and chateaux of the Bohemian Paradise. The medieval Wallenstein Palace also has a strong romantic charm.

From Gothic to the 19th century
In the castle you will find architectural monuments from various periods - the remains of Gothic walls, Baroque works and buildings, a Classicist house and modifications from the Romantic period. In one place, the Middle Ages and the recent past meet here. The history of the castle is inextricably linked with the Wallenstein family. Their ancestors were the first owners of the castle, in the 14th century they were replaced by the Vartemberks. Other owners often changed, at the end of the 15th century the damaged and burnt-out castle was abandoned. In the 18th century, the Wallensteins created a place of pilgrimage, other owners made the castle accessible and built a network of viewpoints and trails for tourists.

Wallenstein and Dragon Rocks
Wallenstein Castle is associated with the sandstone rocks near the castle by the legend of a robber. He was imprisoned in the castle and was to be executed, but offered to drive out the vultures, which nested in the Dragon Rocks and threatened the entire region. No one else knew how to deal with them, so the lord of the castle agreed that if the robber managed to expel the vultures, he would be given freedom. The robber climbed up with a rope and pegs, which he dug into the holes in the stone, where he killed a female vulture and young in a duel and drove away the male. The lord of the castle kept his promise, the robber was given freedom, but he had to promise to give up the robbery.

Author: Helena Syslová