Trosky Castle

If someone asked you what the symbol of the Bohemian Paradise represents to you, you would surely remember the Trosky Castle. Its very peculiar appearance certainly stuck in the memory of even those who know the castle only from pictures. So why not take the opportunity and get to know Trosky Castle thoroughly? The castle stands on basalt rocks of volcanic origin. The rocks are very steep, so the castle was considered impregnable and even withstood the invasions of the Hussites.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Rovensko pod Troskami
GPS: 50.51653110, 15.23084690
Trosky Castle map

Interesting facts Trosky Castle

Baba or Panna?
You can look at the landscape from one or both views of the castle towers, which bear the distinctive names Baba and Panna. The towers are half-ruined, but they still rise above the surrounding landscape like loyal guards. Under their supervision you can admire the past and the beauty of the present. If the weather is clear and nice, you will see Prague, the Bohemian Central Mountains, the Giant Mountains and, of course, the Bohemian Paradise itself, the town of Jičín, Kost Castle or Humprecht Castle in the distance.

The architect of the castle was nature
The construction of Trosky Castle was decided in the 14th century. The builders had to proceed from natural conditions when choosing the final form of the building. Two towers were built on basalt rocks and a castle between them. The Baba tower was built on the lower eruption, and the Panna on the neighboring inaccessible rock. The founders of the castle were the Vartemberks, but the castle very often changed owners. He resisted the invasions of Hussite troops, he was conquered only under George of Podebrady. The castle then served more economic purposes. During the Thirty Years' War, the wreckage was burned and began to decay. The romanticism of the 19th century brought a significant change - the public became interested in the castle, the necessary repairs were made, which facilitated access to the castle and the safety of visitors.

The legend clarifies the names of the towers
You must have wondered why the castle towers have such special names. A legend from the 15th century tells about them, when two women lived on the ruins, who hated each other, even though they were relatives, a grandmother and a granddaughter. Each settled in one tower and quarreled for days. They shouted at each other from the windows of the towers, first for faith, later for anything. The quarrels were endless, ending them until Grandma's death. The granddaughter had no one to argue with and was so unhappy that she died soon - perhaps to argue with her grandmother for eternity.

Author: Helena Syslová