Plumlov Chateau

The romantic location of the Plumlov chateau, located in the village of the same name, is mainly due to the Podhradský pond, above which the chateau rises. Only nearby is the Žralok camp, in addition to tours of the castle, concerts, exhibitions and many other cultural events are held here.

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámecká, Plumlov
GPS: 49.46400890, 17.01341140
Plumlov Chateau map

Interesting facts Plumlov Chateau

The early Mannerist chateau was built on the site of the original castle, built in the 13th century. Jan Adam of Liechtenstein began the reconstruction in 1680 and the original intention was to build a castle with four wings. In the end, however, only one was built, but with an extremely impressive facade, decorated with massive columns.

The building was roofed in 1685, and immediately afterwards, interior modifications began, which were also undertaken by Jan Baptista Brentani, who decorated the stucco decoration of halls, corridors and rooms. The stucco decoration of the chateau hall is one of the most valuable things we can find in the interior of Plumlov chateau.

However, the castle was not inhabited very often, at first it was not even equipped with furniture. The mezzanine floor was inhabited by manorial officials, and the top floor was not even completed at that time. In 1801, the chateau was even damaged by a strong storm, and the then owner of Plumlov, Alois of Liechtenstein, even considered having the entire building demolished. Fortunately, only the old castle was demolished, and from the second half of the 19th century, the chateau premises were used for the needs of the district court and the tax office, and there were also apartments for officials. Then, until 1965, the Plumlov chateau was owned by the administration of the state military forests, and the building underwent a partial reconstruction in 1964-65.

The current Plumlov chateau has a somewhat unusual appearance, of course due to the original intended 4-wing layout. It has a total of 6 floors with two floors and three mezzanines.

Since 1987, the Museum of the Prostějov Region has become the owner of Plumlov Castle, and since 1994 it has been the property of Plumlov. Every year, the chateau becomes a venue for various cultural, musical or theatrical events and festivals. International workshops are held here, there is an exhibition of paintings, a separate exhibition is devoted to the history of the chateau, and we can also find an exhibition focusing on the aviation of the Second World War.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová