Velké Losiny (chateau)

If you walk through the village of Losiny to the south, you will come to the river Losince to the place where the castle Velké Losiny stands between the river and the hill. At first glance, you will be interested in the octagonal high tower with the castle clock and the castle grounds themselves. A visit is definitely worthwhile, you will see the place where the water fortress originally stood and where the present appearance of the castle was gradually created.

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámecká, Velké Losiny
GPS: 50.02322220, 17.03132780
Velké Losiny (chateau) map

Interesting facts Velké Losiny (chateau)

Witch hunts
The castle is interesting not only for its historical value, but also for the cruel hunting of alleged witches. In the 17th century, trials of witchcraft suspects took place here. The Inquisitor, who was called by the owner of the estate, burned more than 50 innocent victims here. This period is commemorated by the well-known novel The Hammer on the Witch by Václav Kaplický and the film of the same name. Until recently, it was possible to see a memorable lime tree, in which witches were burned.

Žerotín and Liechtenstein
The chateau built on the site of a Gothic water fortress became the property of the lords of Žerotín in the 15th century and was owned by them for more than three hundred years. However, the Žerotín family had large debts, so they sold the chateau to the lords of Liechtenstein, who owned the chateau until 1945, when the chateau fell to the state. Reconstruction of the fortress into a Renaissance chateau began in the 16th century, later the chateau was extended by a Baroque extension. The castle complex was bordered by a defensive wall with a moat. Farm buildings stood by the wall. The Knights' Hall has a beautiful Renaissance coffered ceiling, and you can admire, among other things, a huge 16th-century majolica stove, a library, a collection of weapons and a large Renaissance sideboard. The tour also includes a castle chapel and a park.

According to legend, Meluzína lived here
Do you like fairy tales and legends? Then let the guide at the chateau tell you about Meluzín. A young gentleman from the chateau met a beautiful fairy in the woods. She enchanted him and married her. However, Meluzina spent every Friday in a special tower. The condition of the marriage was that her husband would not look for her there. The lord of the castle complied with the condition and they lived happily for many years. Then, however, the lord of the chateau was provoked by his brother and visited the tower one Friday. Meluzina sat there in the water, fish instead of her legs. The Lord became frightened, fled, and confessed to Melusine in the evening. She told him that she had to leave him and their children and never see each other again. Then she disappeared and never came back. The castle lord walked around the world and saw Meluzín only at the moment of his death. Since then, she can sometimes be heard crying and moaning around the castle.

Author: Helena Syslová