Slatiňany Castle

If you were looking for a chateau that changed a huge number of owners, you would certainly come across the Slatiňany chateau. In quick succession, the fortress and later the castle passed through the ownership of more than thirty owners. Early deaths, financial distress or confiscation were the most common causes of frequent owner changes. In later times, the building was used for other purposes and the castle equipment is gradually returning only from 2011, so here you have the opportunity to see one of the youngest castle exhibits.

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámecký park 1, Slatiňany
GPS: 49.91916420, 15.81094190
Slatiňany Castle map

Interesting facts Slatiňany Castle

The offer of the chateau complex is varied
If you want to enjoy culture, sports and at the same time relax, a visit to Slatiňany Castle is an ideal choice for you. In the chateau complex there is not only the chateau itself, but also a park in the English style, a stud farm, forests with sports grounds, several fields with mouflons and deer, an alley with edible chestnuts and a cherry alley. Cultural activities are complemented by video programs and regular concerts in the castle library. Children will certainly be thrilled by Kočičí hrádek, a miniature of the castle, where they can get out of hand. This castle was built for his children by the lord of the castle.

The name comes from the owner of the fortress
The owner of the fortress from the 13th century was František of Slatiňany, after whom the fortress and later the castle got their name. In the 16th century, a Renaissance chateau was built on the site of the fortress, which was not rebuilt until the 19th century by the Auersperg princely family. The castle was expropriated after 1945, the stables were used for breeding Old Kladruby horses and a hippological collection was established here. If you are interested in horses, be sure to visit the hippological exposition.

A rarity of the chateau is the hippological exposition
The breeding of Old Kladruby blackbirds in the Průhonice stud farm grew after the war, and the princely stables in Slatiňany were a suitable place for moving horses. Thanks to the fact that the chateau stables stand right next to the chateau building, a prominent Czech geneticist and zootechnician, Professor Bílek, proposed the establishment of a state hippological museum in the chateau building. It is a set of art objects from all over the republic, which relate to the common life of a horse and a man. You can visit both parts of the exhibition - scientific and artistic - with a guide.

Author: Helena Syslová