State Castle Kunětická hora

Come with us to the top of Kunětická hora, which was used to build the castle until the middle of the 14th century. In ancient times, the mountain became a source of stone for the production of blades for prehistoric weapons, and later the old town of Pardubice was built from rock. Mining continued until 1920.

Information for visitors

Adress: Ráby 6, Ráby
GPS: 50.07992610, 15.81321810
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Interesting facts State Castle Kunětická hora

Kunětická hora Castle became famous during the Hussite wars, when it became an important strategic place. Kunětice Mountain was occupied by the governor Diviš Bořek from Miletínek from the Hussite ranks. From 1423, he began rebuilding the castle into a typically Hussite one - an extensive fortification with fortifications. Diviš Bořek died in 1437 and his son ceded the castle to King George of Poděbrady in 1464. After his death, in 1471, Kunětická hora fell to the son of Jindřich the Elder of Minsternberk, who transferred the manor and surrounding estates in 1491 to William of Pernštejn.

The Pernštejns devoted themselves to the extensive reconstruction of the entire castle - a two-tower building with a fortification system was created, and later you would find large social halls with large windows. Under the Pernštejns, the castle had a successful period, as evidenced by the presence of King Vladislav Jagelonský in 1497 - he came to knead Jan and Vojtěch. Jaroslav of Pernštejn finally decided to sell the indebted estate to the royal chamber, which happened in 1560.

Towards the end of the Thirty Years' War, Swedish troops looted and burned the castle, and its original significance slowly disappeared. It began to decay and even the attempt to save it in the 19th century was not successful. Kunětická hora became state property in 1953, it was completely closed in the 1970s due to its poor condition, and the reopening took place after repairs in 1993.

The mountain is nicknamed "Kuňka" and you might be interested to know that, according to legend, it opens once a year and reveals its secrets. You will walk through a labyrinth underground, richly decorated corridors, huge halls, where the ceilings are covered with gold and the walls of precious stones. You would also meet the ghosts of monks from the Opatovice monastery as they wander here looking for the treasure that their enemies have deprived them of.

Author: Petra Nachtmanová