Nové Hrady Chateau

Can you imagine "Czech Versailles" and "Little Schönbrunn"? If you shake your head dismissively, try to move with us to the vicinity of the towns of Litomyšl and Vysoké Mýto, because near them you will find the Nové Hrady chateau, which boasts both mentioned nicknames. You would originally find a Gothic castle here, which was rebuilt over time and stood above the current building.

Information for visitors

Adress: Nové Hrady 1, Nové Hrady
GPS: 49.85444190, 16.14444890
Nové Hrady Chateau map

Interesting facts Nové Hrady Chateau

The castle has a Rococo style and was built by Count Jean-Antoine Harbuval de Chamaré in the years 1774 - 1777. In 1779 a late Baroque granary was built, a castle chapel with a main altar by the carver J. J. Procházka and an altarpiece by Jan Nivelt.
In 1791, the ornamental Rococo complex, park and garden around the chateau building were completed. The count himself secured the construction plan and even supervised the progress personally.

The period 1936 - 1939 belonged to repairs provided by Cyril Bartoň from Dobenín. Until then, the castle grounds fell into disrepair. Before nationalization, the textile factory owner Josef Bartoň from Nové Město nad Metují became the owner of the chateau. After World War II, there was a local municipal and burgher school in the chateau. After 1948, the castle did not have a happy fate, because it was constantly destroyed and pigs were fattened in the basement. Reconstructions did not begin until the second half of the 1980s and were becoming more frequent. After 1989, the chateau returned to the grandchildren of the last private owner, who sold the chateau in 1997. The current owners are still trying to reconstruct and improve the chateau in all aspects.

At the castle you can see permanent exhibitions focused on "The art of furniture in the turn of the century, including pieces from the Baroque to the Art Nouveau period. You will also learn something about the history of the castle. The First Czech Museum of Cycling also attracts you to see here, where they have various exhibits such as bicycles from the period of Austria-Hungary, road bikes, a historic repair shop and the jerseys of the famous Pospíšil brothers.

Author: Petra Nachtmanová