Prague Castle

A thousand years of architecture in one place, European and Czech history - this is what Prague Castle offers you. The whole complex of streets, squares, gardens and memorial buildings was created from the original medieval fort. Wherever you look, you can admire architectural gems and various artistic monuments. Take a walk through the resting places of Czech saints and famous rulers - St. Wenceslas, St. Ludmila, St. Vitus, st. Adalbert, King Přemysl Otakar II., Emperor Charles IV. And Rudolf II. At present, Prague Castle is the seat of the President of the Republic, coronation jewels and other treasures and relics are stored here.

Information for visitors

Adress: Hradčany, Prague 1
GPS: 50.09040110, 14.39991190
Prague Castle map

Interesting facts Prague Castle

The largest castle complex in the world
With an area of ​​70,000 square meters, Prague Castle is the largest integrated castle complex in the world. Objects that are still accessible to visitors are, for example, the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St. Jiří, Zlatá ulička, Chrám sv. Vitus, Rosenberg Palace and many more. Visit the permanent exhibitions - The Story of Prague Castle or St. Vitus' Treasure. You can treat yourself to a tour of the castle's representative premises on pre-determined dates. The ceremonial rotation of the soldiers of the Castle Guard at 12:00 is also attractive. Your admiration will certainly be aroused by the gardens of Prague Castle, which are freely accessible during the season.

History begins in the middle of the 9th century
Surely you know that the history of Prague Castle is inextricably linked with the Přemyslid family. The prince and later the royal residence was Prague Castle from the 10th century, the highest ecclesiastical representative, the Prague bishop, also settled here. The biggest changes underwent Prague Castle during the reign of the Luxembourgs, Emperor Charles IV. The next stage of reconstruction occurred during the reign of Rudolf II. The last major reconstruction took place in the 18th century, reconstruction and modification are still going on today. Prague Castle is dominated by the St. Vitus Cathedral, which was built on the site of a rotunda from 925 and whose construction was not completed until 1929.

Prague Castle is steeped in legends
The whole book could be compiled from the legends related to Prague Castle. The guides will tell you perhaps the most famous legend about the Zikmund bell, which hangs in the St. Vitus Cathedral. When the earth is in danger, the heart of the bell breaks. Even crown jewels have a legend - whoever puts a crown on his head without being entitled to do so will die. Loreto bells are legally associated with the plague period, just as the Golden Lane is a gateway to unknown worlds.

Author: Helena Syslová