Harasov (castle ruins)

It is also called Krvomlejn and its remains can be found on a promontory near the Harasov pond near the settlement of Harasov on the road between Lhotka near Mělník to Kokořínský Důl.

Information for visitors

Adress: Harasov, Vysoká
GPS: 50.41135560, 14.56833610
Harasov (castle ruins) map

Interesting facts Harasov (castle ruins)

History of Harasov

Harasov Castle was built by members of the Hrzán family around the 14th - 15th century, probably by Dobeš of Újezd, the owner of a court in Chlumín, but one of the theories says that the founder was Pešek Hrzán of Újezd. Jindřich, Dobeš's son, was still written after Harasov, but we are not sure if Harasov himself still lived. Later, Hrasov got to the Chodeč farm, then it was bought by Václav Šťastný Pětipeský.

The cellars of Harasov Castle have long been used by millers from Nový mlýn, who gradually adapted the premises. During the 19th century, other cellars were carved until the original layout of the castle was destroyed.

The cellars were then converted into recreational rock dwellings, for which purpose they still serve. The fort is separated from the core of the castle by a moat and the other two moats then protected the castle itself.

Already in the 17th century, Harasov was deserted. A carved relief of Jesus Christ has been preserved in one of the rock walls below the castle.

Krvomlýn and its legend

The name Krvomlýn got this place thanks to a legend, which tells about the fact that Slavibor from Hrádek, who had a charming daughter Ludmila, once lived in the local fortress. She fell in love with Břetislav, the son of Milota from Vidim, who, however, did not want their love and planted a crossbow into their secret hiding place.

She severely wounded Ludmila's weapon, died in her father's arms, and kept calling out her lover's name. Ludmila's father mistakenly thought that Břetislav was the murderer and invented revenge: he built a water wheel in the castle connected to the executioner's shadows.

The mill first killed Břetislav and later his whole family. Eventually, the mill became fatal to its inventor as well. That was the last time the blood mill killed ...

It is said that the ghost of Ludmila occasionally appears at the foot of the Harasov rock, waiting for Břetislav to reach her on a boat. When they meet, they hug, then board the boat together and disappear.

From Kokořín to Harasov

The ruins of Harasov Castle are usually not marked on maps. It is about 3 km away from Kokořín and you can reach it if you go here along the red marked hiking trail (southwards).

Author: Andrea Štyndlová