Rock castle Konrádov

The remains of a rock castle, whose name we do not know, but which is often called the Petrified Castle or Hrad u Konrádova, can be found about 1 km from the village of Konrádov in the Kokořín region and about 4.5 km northwest of Mšen. Directly from Konrádov you can get to the rock castle on a marked tourist trail.

Information for visitors

Adress: Olešno, Mšeno
GPS: 50.47956000, 14.61754970
Rock castle Konrádov map

Interesting facts Rock castle Konrádov

Unfortunately, almost no written sources have survived to this day, from which we would know the original name of the castle, let alone its owners. The torso of the rock castle is really modest, however, it is still a tip for a nice trip around the Kokořín region. In addition, the castle has a nice view of the countryside towards Mšeno and Lobeč.

The castle complex consists of two rock blocks, which were once connected by a bridge, and which are separated from the surrounding terrain by a gorge, today a moat. In the larger of the ditches there is a square shaft and a small room.

Archaeological finds suggest that the castle was destroyed by fire and originally served as the seat of one of the Bezděz royal mans.

How to get here?

The rock castle lies near Konrádov on the road between the villages of Mšeno and Dubá, a few kilometers from Houska chateau.

The car can be parked by the road in the place where the monument "Our Dead" is and continue on foot to Zbrázděný vrch. Follow the green tourist sign.

It is possible to come by bus from Dubá or Mšen and get off in Konrádov. Then again the same way marked with a green sign.

The train to the rock castle is a bit more complicated by train. You have to get off in Mšen and from there on foot or by bus to Konrádov, where you will again connect to the green marked hiking trail.

The road is definitely not suitable for cyclists or prams.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová