Rock castle Staráky u Kokořína

The torso of the Kokořín castle - Staráky - you will find about 1/4 km in the direction east of the village Kokořín. Most likely, the owners of the local estate lived here before the new Kokořín castle was built, which still stands today. Unfortunately, very few sources have been preserved to be able to determine the age or perhaps the owner of the castle.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Kokořín
GPS: 50.43021080, 14.57154750
Rock castle Staráky u Kokořína map

Interesting facts Rock castle Staráky u Kokořína

It was probably built during the middle of the 13th century by the knight Okoř of Dubá, to whose person many local legends are attached.

The appearance of the castle

There are three floors carved into the rock with rooms, with bridges and wooden stairs connecting them. On the lowest floor we find a defensive corridor with loopholes. On the second floor there is a hallway with one room and on the top floor there is a room with a window and an opening for smoke extraction, so it is possible that it was a kitchen. Besides it, there is another room, probably a chapel. At the very top of the castle is a low hill and the remains of the castle tower, which served as the main fortification.

The rock castle was abandoned perhaps during the 14th century.

The Staráky rock castle served as an inspiration for Karel Hynek Mácha, who just situated here a part of the novel Gypsies, in which the castle is the residence of the mad gypsy Angelina.

At present, the castle grounds are fenced and inaccessible to visitors. In 2005, tourists were free to enter here, but then Mr. Paclík rented the land from the owner of the place, Mr. Vaňek, who had it fenced off with a tall wooden palisade with the owner's consent. The whole matter is currently under discussion. Staráky falls under the Kokořínsko nature reserve, so this intervention violated the law on nature and landscape protection.

Where to go for a trip in the area?

Apart from the Kokořín rock castle, there are also Mšenské pokličky or the ruins of the Harasov castle. The possibility of accommodation is directly in Kokořín or its surroundings.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová