Veltrusy Mansion

In the beautiful landscape of the lower Povltaví, you can not only devote yourself to natural beauty, but also enjoy history - for example, when visiting the Veltrusy chateau. The chateau itself was built in the 18th century, when the old aristocratic Chotka family began to build their representative seat here. The Baroque chateau was complemented by a park with small buildings (pavilions, bridges, a neo-Gothic mill, artificial caves) and a fallow deer park. The castle was damaged during the floods of 2002 and is undergoing reconstruction.

Information for visitors

Adress: Veltrusy, Veltrusy
GPS: 50.27778920, 14.33028610
Veltrusy Mansion map

Interesting facts Veltrusy Mansion

Veltrusy is one of the most important Baroque castles
You ascend the stairs to the 1st floor of the chateau, where the main hall begins, passing through two floors of the building. On this floor there are also representative rooms with Baroque decoration and Rococo paintings. You can see, for example, the Japanese cabinet, the Chinese salon, the reception hall, the bedroom, the men's room or the Maria Theresa Hall. The interior is equipped with original furniture, paintings, porcelain, chandeliers and tiled stoves. Due to the repairs, only some expositions are accessible - How to repair a monument, Historic greenhouses, Historic carriages, History of hunting and hunting and various other exhibitions.

The castle is associated with the Chotka family
At the beginning of the 18th century, the Chotks were promoted to the rank of count and their family property and social status increased. This required a dignified representative seat, so the Veltrusy chateau was built as a large Baroque complex corresponding to the most demanding requirements of the time. For its conception, the chateau is a representative building of the pinnacle of Baroque architecture in our country. The castle building was expanded according to growing needs. The castle was also visited by Empress Maria Theresa. In the 19th century, the park was modified and the chateau was rebuilt in the Classicist style. After the 2nd st. During the war, the castle became the property of the state.

Watch out for fiery horse heads
According to legend, the chateau park and the game reserve also hide many mysteries. In summer, you can meet fiery horse heads here. The count and the countess enjoyed rides and hunting. Once the countess was on a ride, a great storm began. The countess managed to return to the castle, but the coachman still wanted to get home. Lightning struck the carriage and killed the coachman. The horses were frightened, and no one had ever seen them again - only in the summer do fiery horse heads appear in these places.

Author: Helena Syslová