Falkenstein Castle

Near Jetřichovice and about 5 km from Česká Kamenice we find one of the rock castles of Bohemian Switzerland. Its name is Falkenstein and since 1958 it has been under state protection as a cultural monument. The foundations of buildings and rock rooms have been preserved from their original form to this day.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Jetřichovice
GPS: 50.85482470, 14.40533970
Falkenstein Castle map

Interesting facts Falkenstein Castle

History of Falkenstein

The castle was founded probably at the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 14th century, at a time when the northern area of ​​the Czech Kingdom was colonized by the Michalovice family. Historical sources mention the castle for the first time in connection with the year 1395 and served its purpose until the end of the Hussite wars, when it was abandoned and began to fall into disrepair.

Falkenstein used to be a typical rock castle. However, only some of the spaces carved in stone have survived.

In 1852, Vilemína Kinská tried to make the castle accessible. She invested mainly in modifying the access roads to the castle so that the place could be visited by tourists. At present, Falkenstein is closed to the public.

The original form of Falkenstein

Falkenstein Castle stood on a sandstone rock. Directly below it was a fortification protected by a moat and rampart, and a modified natural gorge led to the top. The central space was a hall with a floor plan of 6 x 12 m, whose torso has been preserved to this day, and which was illuminated by windows with seats. There was supposedly a chapel in the adjoining room, and a wooden tower was also part of the castle.

Road to Falkenstein

On the way around the castle there is a yellow marked tourist path leading from Jetřichovice. If you want to climb all the way to the castle, you have to get off the hiking trail and go uphill up the stairs. Falkenstein is also one of the stops on the Jetřichovické skály nature trail.

Author: Andra Štyndlová