Duchcov Chateau

The castle is famous, among other things, for the fact that the famous seducer Giacomo Casanova stayed in its walls, which can be found about 8 km southwest of Teplice and is known as Duchcov. In addition to the museum dedicated to Casanov, there is also a hunting lounge, a military armory and the Wallenstein Family Gallery.

Information for visitors

Adress: Náměstí republiky, Duchcov
GPS: 50.60234500, 13.74487390
Duchcov Chateau map

Interesting facts Duchcov Chateau

The chateau in Duchcov was built between 1675 and 1685 by Jan Bedřich of Valdštejn. Plans for the construction were drawn up by Jean Baptista Mathey, and today's chateau was built on the site of the former Renaissance seat of the Lobkovics. In 1707, two side wings were added to the chateau, and at the beginning of the 19th century it underwent classicist alterations.

Duchcov is closely connected with the famous Wallenstein family, who owned the chateau from 1642 until the 20th century. The already mentioned Giacomo Casanova worked here as a librarian for the Wallensteins.

Duchcov Castle is also significant for its decoration, in which important artists, creating in the Baroque style, took part. These include, for example, Matyáš Bernard Braun or the painter Václav Vavřinec Reiner. The north wing of the Wallenstein Museum is dedicated to the castle, and in addition to it, there is also a Music Lounge, a Cabinet of Curiosities, a collection of Delft faience and other attractions.

Visitors can currently choose from two tour routes of the castle. The first is dedicated to the Wallenstein family, their patronage and collecting activities. The second acquaints visitors with the attractions of life in the castle at the time when Giacomo Casanova worked here. During 2014, the chateau is undergoing restoration of the original paintings on both sightseeing routes, and the renovated rooms will be opened gradually.

During the season, the Giacomo Gallery with an exhibition of contemporary art is open in the 1st courtyard of Duchcov Castle.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová