Velké Březno (chateau)

Visit one of the youngest mansions in Bohemia - Velké Březno Castle between Ústí nad Labem and Děčín. It is a beautiful Neo-Renaissance chateau with interiors in which you can see the original luxury furnishings. The English castle park is also attractive - there are a large number of rare shrubs and trees. After the tour, you can relax and refresh yourself in the castle restaurant. The beautiful surroundings of the Bohemian Central Mountains will certainly contribute to a beautiful cultural experience.

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámecká 63, Velké Březno
GPS: 50.66247780, 14.13806890
Velké Březno (chateau) map

Interesting facts Velké Březno (chateau)

You will be captivated by the interior and exterior of the castle
The country house of the Chotka family is equipped with original furniture. The main hall is located on the 1st floor. It has stucco decoration, a raised ceiling and a fireplace. On the ground floor you can admire the dining room, decorated with Neo-Renaissance carved paneling. There is also a gallery with portraits of the Choteks or a library. There are also exhibits of interesting things from the depositories or drawings and watercolors from the count's sons' travels in Italy. The granddaughter of the castle's founder was Žofie Chotková, who was shot dead in Sarajevo with her husband Ferdinand d'´ste.

The castle is not an old residence
The chateau was built in the middle of the 19th century for Count Karel Chotek of Chotkov and Vojnín, who was at that time the highest burgrave of the Czech Kingdom. Already the grandson of the founder had the original Empire chateau rebuilt in the Neo-Renaissance style, influenced by Romanticism. Velké Březno Castle is one of the last feudal buildings in Bohemia. It is a typical small aristocratic country house. It serves not only as a monument, but many events take place here, during the tour you can see, for example, wedding ceremonies.

Coat of arms of the Chotka family
When looking at the coat of arms of the Chotek family, you will certainly wonder why the coat of arms represents a half round. The legend of the ancestors of the Chotka family is connected to this. One of them rode with the monarch and carried a treasure of gold bars. They were to drive through a dangerous area and wondered how best to protect the treasure. The ancestor of the Chotka family forged gold bars into the wheels of the car. When they were safe, they broke the wheels and took out the gold. The Chotks then had half a wheel in their coat of arms.

Author: Helena Syslová