Buchlovice Castle

The construction of the Buchlovice chateau began just before 1700 at the request of the then owner of the estate and the nearby Buchlov castle, the rich Count Jan Dětřich Petřvaldský of Petřvald. There are two versions of the reason why he decided to build. The more romantic one tells that the chateau was supposed to be a gallant gesture and a gift for his wife Anežka Eleonora. Since she came from sunny Italy, she was said to be still cold in the cold castle, so her husband found this solution. In addition, he had the castle built in the style of an Italian Baroque villa, so that Anežka felt at home in her old homeland. However, the reputation here has a considerable crack. The branch of the Collon family, from which Anna Eleonora came, has been based in Silesia for some time, and the couple met in Brno, where the countess stayed with her brother, the commander of the Špilberk fortress. So the reputation is nice, but the second version is more likely.

Information for visitors

Adress: Náměstí svobody 13, Buchlovice
GPS: 49.08381000, 17.33652860
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Interesting facts Buchlovice Castle

The magnificent way of life was typical for the aristocracy of the time, so the Buchlovice chateau was probably built as a summer house serving mainly for distraction and entertainment, such a counterpoint to the seat in Buchlov. Therefore, the adjacent garden and park were no less important as the building itself. The chateau was first under the administration of the Petřvalds, then by the marriage of the heiress of the estate Maria Theresa to Count Prosper Antonín Berchtold it became the property of another important and rich aristocratic Berchtold family. It was during the reign of one of them, Count Leopold Berchtold, that around 1900 the importance of this seat increased considerably. At that time, leading politicians from all over Europe met here to decide on important state steps.

The sightseeing tour, which you can go on, contains 17 rooms or lounges, representative and private spaces. It offers a look into the rich history of the castle owners, their collections of family monuments and beautiful interior equipment. Most of the luxuriously furnished interiors come from famous times at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when the castle also acquired its final form.

An integral part of the castle is its Baroque garden and landscape park, it is one of the most beautiful historical gardens in the Czech Republic. A pleasant walk may be enriched by one of the local peacocks, who live here freely and are used to people. Some even do not have a problem walking among the tables in an outdoor garden cafe and waiting for someone to give them something good.

Author: Martina Limbergová