Chateau Napajedla

A classic castle tour, sitting with dessert and coffee or entertainment at one of the cultural events - all this can be experienced in the charming Napajedla castle, located near Zlín, and called the "Baroque gem".

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámecká 265, Napajedla
GPS: 49.17300610, 17.51288330
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Interesting facts Chateau Napajedla

Napajedla Castle was built in the French Baroque style and has the form of an elegant, free-standing two-winged building with a U-shaped floor plan. The three floors include more than 50 living rooms, utility rooms and accessories. However, the entire chateau is dominated by a circular hall of mirrors, used to receive visitors, organize dance parties and festivities. It is definitely worth mentioning the castle dining room, baroque lounge or lounge of Dutch masters. The castle rooms on the first floor are decorated with rich stucco ceilings.

The construction of the chateau as an aristocratic residence took place between 1764 and 1769. Antonín Slováček, a master mason from Židlochovice, became the builder, and the project was developed by the architect František Antonín Grimm, who also designed the chateaux in Bystřice pod Hostýnem and Vizovice. The client of the construction was Anna Marie from Rottal.

On the east side there is a main staircase and entrance, on the north there is a terrace. The castle building is extremely representative and monumental and, of course, also a unique work in terms of Moravian Baroque architecture. In 1886, the Baltazzi family founded a stud farm and breeding English Thoroughbreds. In the first half of the 20th century, at the time when the chateau was owned by Marie Baltazzi, the chateau was neo-baroque and its then appearance has basically been preserved to the present day.

Around the chateau there is an English park with a total area of ​​10 ha, in which rare trees are planted and a romantic pond is built.

Napajedla Castle has been a private property since 2008 and since 2009 it has been open to the public.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová