Nový Světlov (chateau)

In the east of Moravia, a short distance from the town of Uherské Hradiště or the famous spa Luhačovice, there is the town of Bojkovice and above it rises the Nový Světlov chateau. It was renovated in 2011 and invites visitors to visit the beautiful exterior and interior, which is not original. On the other hand, you will be convinced here that even the ancient monument can be rebuilt into a modern cultural and social center sensitively and tastefully.

Information for visitors

Adress: Světlov, Bojkovice
GPS: 49.03439000, 17.80072970
Nový Světlov (chateau) map

Interesting facts Nový Světlov (chateau)

The chateau above the confluence of Olšava and Koménka near Bojkovice was built around 1480 by brothers Ctibor and Jaroslav of Landštejn to take over the role of Starý Světlov. Before its destruction, it was an important strategic place on the border of Moravia and today's Slovakia. The castle was not big at that time, it was probably just a small palace with one tower. In 1527, this castle was sold to Burian of Vlčnov, with whom, however, his family died by the sword. In the 16th century, the castle often changed owners. One of the most important was Kateřina from Vlčnov, who had it greatly expanded and fortified. The castle underwent further reconstruction at the end of the 16th century under the Tetours of Tetovo, from the Gothic style it changed to the Renaissance style. Then he changed owners again and several times he was also besieged by, for example, Turkish or Kuruk troops, but he was never conquered.

In 1803, the estate was bought by Žofie Haugvicová of Biskupice, for which the castle became an important cultural center, where leading artists of the time met. Her daughter Jindřiška married Larische-Mönich, a large industrialist, who had the castle rebuilt into an English Tudor Gothic chateau. You may feel that you have already seen it somewhere in the picture, at least as it is very reminiscent of the famous Miramare Castle, the seat of Archduke Maximilian I of Habsburg near Trieste, Italy. At the same time, the southern part of the field was also transformed into an English park. There were subtropical greenhouses, in which tropical fruits ripened even in winter, which was unprecedented at that time.

Even in the twentieth century, the owners often changed owners, most of them unable to maintain the estate and went bankrupt. Now the chateau belongs to the company BESS BUILDING, which renovated it in 2011 and in the main courtyard, thanks to the roofing, a music and theater arena was created, which is used all year round for various cultural events, weddings and celebrations. There is also a restaurant and a hotel in the chateau.

During the tour of the castle, you will see the spaces that are used for social events and wedding ceremonies, as well as the beautiful furniture and equipment of the rooms that serve as a bridal suite. However, none of this equipment is original. Of the original interior, only furniture and wood paneling have been preserved in a single room. A walk through the castle will still be interesting, especially its end on the lookout tower, from where you will see the wide surroundings of the castle.

Tours of the castle take place from April to the end of October, for the rest of the year only by prior arrangement.

Author: Martina Limbergová