Punkva Cave

Perhaps the most important areas of the Moravian Karst are the Punkva Caves. This natural monument has been visited by almost everyone who is interested in caves and wants to be enchanted by the magic of stalactite groups. If you haven't been to the Punkve Caves yet, be sure not to miss this unique experience. The river Punkva and the abyss Macocha are international terms. And a boat ride through the cave system is something you can rarely experience.

Information for visitors

Adress: Punkevní jeskyně, Blansko
GPS: 49.37070610, 16.72568610
Punkva Cave map

Interesting facts Punkva Cave

The cave was excavated by the river Punkva

The most famous river in the Moravian Karst is Punkva, which dug cave spaces in the ancient past. At present, it flows underground around stalactite-decorated walls and attracts visitors for a boat ride. The dry underground path will take you to the river, where you will board a boat and continue your tour. Before discovering this path at the beginning of the last century, you would have to descend into the abyss of Macocha to get to the river at all.

The abyss attracts Macocha

Immediately after the discovery of Macocha, it attracted researchers and adventurers. It is over 138 meters deep and unfortunately has become an attractive place for suicides. The first explorer descended into the abyss in the first half of the 18th century and confirmed that the lakes at the bottom of the abyss are part of the river Punkva. The Macocha abyss is associated with many legends, the most famous being the legend of the evil stepmother, after whom the abyss was named.

Where you will travel

The sightseeing route of the Punkve Caves measures approx. 1250 meters. It starts in the Front Cathedral, from there it goes to the Reichenbach Cathedral, and then follows the Stalagmite Corridor, which leads to the Rear Cathedral. Through the U Anděla hall, you will reach the gallery and the bottom of the Macocha abyss. Nearby is a dock, from where you can take boats to the places where Punkva springs. On the way, it stops at Masaryk's (Fairytale) Dome, the most beautiful place in the entire Punkve Caves complex.


Author: Helena Syslová