Arrow Cave

If you are attracted by prehistory, then the Šipka cave is the right place for you. Maybe you will be able to find some remnant of a prehistoric animal.

Information for visitors

Adress: Jeskyně Šipka, Štramberk
GPS: 49.58769720, 18.11805720
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Interesting facts Arrow Cave

The Karst Cave became famous worldwide for the fact that in 1880 the professor of the Novojičín grammar school found the jaws of a Neanderthal child who died at the age of 8 to 10 years. Professor Karel Jaroslav Maška also proved that the cave was inhabited alternately by prehistoric hunters and predators. For this reason, and also because there is a site of rare relict flora, Šipka was declared a national cultural monument in 1960.

The complex of the Kotouč caves, which also includes Šipka, was probably excavated by a watercourse, which broke through the rock ribs of Šipka, Psí kostelí and Čertova díry in pre-glacial times. Later, as the glacier receded, the caves were expanded by melting glacial waters that simultaneously carried away soft rocks.

There was a rich stalactite decoration in the Šipka Stalactite Cave, but it was gradually destroyed by vandals.
In addition to the finding of the already mentioned jaw of a child, 550 stone tools made of local quartz and flint were gradually found here. Also remains of 130 species of animals.


Author: Marie Bukovinská