Nedamy and Klemperka

The picturesque region of the Kokořín region is famous for its popularity in rock houses. It is said that the rock flats here were even numbered and house tax was paid from them, as written by Josef Bedřich Cinibulk, who greatly promoted the region around Kokořín, and after which one of the educational trails (Cinibulkova stezka) is named. An example is one of the rock flats in the village of Lhotka, which was built in 1900 and people still lived here in 1982.

Information for visitors

Adress: Jeskyně Nedamy, Dobřeň
GPS: 50.44646030, 14.57597830
Nedamy and Klemperka map

Interesting facts Nedamy and Klemperka

Directly from Kokořín, marked routes lead to the Nedama and Klemperk caves. They are interesting mainly because they represent older rock dwellings, which are relatively well accessible. There are only theories about who built them.

Nedama Cave, its secrets and history

Mr. Cinibulk judged that Nedamy served the prehistoric people (troglodytes) as a lair. During the Thirty Years' War, it was allegedly used as a hiding place by soldiers to hide from Swedish invaders. Shards of ceramic vessels were found inside the cave, which were dated to the 13th to 16th centuries. In addition, the remains of a square castle tower were on the highest point of the Nedama rock, which suggests that there used to be a rock castle.

How to get to Nedamy?

At present, you can climb the steps cut into the rock through a gap in the middle of the rocks to the cave rooms that have been preserved here and even to the upper plateau, from where there is a beautiful view of Kokořín, Kokořín region and in the distance also Hradsko. century was an old Slavic fort.

From Dolina u Kokořína, Nedamy is about 1.5 km away and you can walk here along a green marked hiking trail. If you go here by car, you can park by the road U Splávků, where there is a camp.

About Klemperk Cave

Klemperka is an artificially carved rock system located west of the Kokořín castle. It is said that it got its name from the robber Klemper, whose cave served as a hiding place in the 19th century. He was allegedly later killed by farmers from the village of Vysoká near Truskava.

There is even a mythical corridor, to which perhaps a secret entrance from the valley should lead, which was discovered by the Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area Administration when it was cleaning the lower room of the cave flooded with clay. This lower entrance has been walled up so you can't get into the cave. The only way to its interior is on a ladder about 5 meters high or on steps cut into the rock in a narrow chimney.

How to get to Klemperk?

Directly from Kokořín, a blue-marked hiking trail leads here, from which you must turn at the beginning of the Truskaven Mine to the yellow sign. It is 2 km to it and about 1 km from it to Klemperk. The total length of the route from Kokořín Castle is approximately 5 km.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová