Cathedral of St. Mikuláš České Budějovice

To establish the parish church of St. St. Nicholas in the royal city, České Budějovice, took place around 1265. We find it right in the city center, just a few steps from Přemysl Otakar II Square, close to the Black Tower, which was used as a watchtower and bell tower. A cemetery was also established near the church, which functioned here from 1265 to 1874, when it was abolished by Joseph II.

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Adress: Kanovnická, České Budějovice
GPS: 48.97528810, 14.47588220
Cathedral of St. Mikuláš České Budějovice map

Interesting facts Cathedral of St. Mikuláš České Budějovice

Today's Church of St. Nicholas was built on the site of the original Gothic church, which was built at the end of the 13th century, and which in 1641 was destroyed by fire. The construction of the church was already in the Baroque style and was commissioned by the Italian builders Canevalle and Cipriani. The completion of the church dates back to 1649, but its construction did not go without problems, which later resulted in modifications due to poor statics. From 1686 to 1688, the Italian builder G. A. de Maggi rebuilt the facade of the church. The stucco decoration is the work of S. Careghetti. The church was last renovated in 1912.

The town church was promoted to a cathedral in 1785, when a new diocese was founded in České Budějovice. The church thus became the first and main church in the entire diocese, headed by a bishop.

Church of St. Nicholas has three naves, one main and two side, in which we find a Baroque chapel. The individual ships are separated by three pairs of massive prismatic pillars and are vaulted with a barrel vault. The vast majority of interior equipment dates from the 18th century. The main altar, the work of Z. Hueber, dates from 1791 and the altarpiece of St. Nicholas, which is the work of J. Bachmann, then from 1648.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová