Church of St. Josefa Brno

The church dedicated to St. Joseph and built in the early Baroque style can be found in Brno, in the middle part of Josefská Street, just a stone's throw from the Church of St. Janů. At present, the church is used by voršilky or uršulinky, whose order has been operating in Bohemia for about 350 years. At present, the church and the monastery are in a state of disrepair, it has been closed to the public for years and there is still a lack of funds for its repair.

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Adress: Josefská, Brno-střed
GPS: 49.19315670, 16.61222110
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Interesting facts Church of St. Josefa Brno

Formerly the Roman Catholic, later the Greek Catholic Church of St. Josefa belonged to the Franciscan monastery for many centuries. In 1482, the original religious house was founded here, which in 1606 Cardinal Dietrichštejn promoted to a monastery. It was located on the outskirts to the south of the Jewish Gate, and in later years, until 1618, thanks to Dietrichstein, the Church of St. Josefa.

In 1643, the whole complex was destroyed by fire and the torsos of buildings it left behind were removed two years later in connection with preparations for the siege of Brno by Swedish troops.

The Franciscans found a new home in one of the houses in Česká Street. Later, they bought four more houses for it and the construction of a new monastery began. Construction of the new church began in 1651 and its construction took exactly two years.

In 1782, however, the monastery was abolished as part of the Josephine reforms, however, some of the sisters joined the Voršilek order, and subsequently operated there until 1950, when the purpose of the convention was changed to the Technical Museum.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová