Rosa coeli monastery in Dolní Kounice

On your way to the extensive complex of the Premonstratensian convent in Dolní Kounice, which is partially surrounded by a medieval stone wall. The area is entered through an impressive Gothic gate through a former farmyard. Here you will find the convent church of the Virgin Mary preserved in the perimeter masonry, the cloister with the Garden of Eden and the adjacent chapter hall. Adjacent to these buildings towards the river are also residential buildings, which are dominated by the baroque building of the former convent.

Rosa coeli monastery in Dolní Kounice Rosa coeli monastery in Dolní Kounice Rosa coeli monastery in Dolní Kounice

Information for visitors

Adress: Klášter Rosa coeli, Dolní Kounice
GPS: 49.06892190, 16.47129920
Rosa coeli monastery in Dolní Kounice map

Interesting facts Rosa coeli monastery in Dolní Kounice

After the narrow stairs, it is then possible to ascend above the crowns of the monastery masonry, from where a wonderful view of the monastery complex and a view of the nearby castle and chateau opens up.

In the monastery, especially on the ground floor of the cloister, some architectural elements and other parts of its former equipment found during the security work of the ruins are collected. Some fragments come from other places in Dolní Kounice, especially from the castle and chateau. Among the most important are, for example, an incomplete tombstone of an unknown Brno canon with an engraved drawing of a priest holding a chalice from 1349, a torso of the late Gothic tomb of the Dolnokounice provost Jiří from around 1500 or a fragment of a marble Renaissance tombstone with the head of a noblewoman and the emblem of Žabků z Limberková from the period after 1588).


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