Třebíč City Tower

If you go to Třebíč to admire the monuments inscribed on the UNESCO list, take a moment for one that is not registered there. Why? Simply because it offers you the most beautiful view of the city and its surroundings that you could wish for. The town tower in Třebíč is one of the local landmarks and should definitely not be neglected.

Information for visitors

Adress: Martinské nám., Třebíč
GPS: 49.21482940, 15.87975250
Třebíč City Tower map

Interesting facts Třebíč City Tower

The town tower stands next to the church of St. Martin, just behind Charles Square, which is by the way one of the largest in our republic. It was Charles VI, then still as a margrave, who promoted Třebíč to a town. This, however, entailed the obligation to fortify the city with walls and also to build a tower, which was part of the entire protection system. It was built sometime around 1335, more precise mentions of it come from 1458, when it was probably expanded and probably increased to its current form.

From the beginning, the tower was used to announce fires and possible approaching enemies, but also to regularly report the time, but only to three sides of the world, which is a local rarity. The reason for this is unknown, but given that there is a cemetery on the forbidden side, he was probably the reason for the ban. After all, the dead hardly need to know what time it is, and it is also rude to disturb them from their eternal sleep. There is also an interesting legend about the tower builder, who dared to break this ban once, and immediately the skeleton came to give him a few slaps and threaten him. What is true of this is not known, in any case, no other informant dared to repeat it. The last towerman lived in the tower until 1956. The building also experienced worse times during its existence, when it was severely damaged by fire several times, fortunately it could always be repaired again.

The tower is 75 meters high up to the tip of the cross, the observation deck is located at a height of 35 meters. In addition to the tower itself, its clock is also interesting. The dials measure as much as 5.5 meters in diameter and are thus among the largest in Europe.

You can go there every day from May to September, outside this season only after ordering.


Author: Martina Limbergová