Church of St. Bartholomew

Church of St. Bartoloměje near the village Běšiny lies at an altitude of 689 meters. More precisely, it is only a Gothic torso. Getting to him is quite strenuous. Along the way, you will not rest at all, because you are still climbing the hill. But if you persevere and do not give up, it will certainly be a reward for you to see him in all his beauty.

Information for visitors

Adress: Zřícenina kostela sv. Bartoloměje, Běšiny
GPS: 49.30659000, 13.33684030
Church of St. Bartholomew map

Interesting facts Church of St. Bartholomew

This church building was built around 1370. Two hundred years later, it underwent repairs as it was hit by a large fire. Another two centuries passed when he was at the instigation of Emperor Joseph II. canceled and its facility found itself in the castle church in Běšiny. This also led to the gradual decay of the entire monument, originally belonging to Podolí, and the whole splendor of the building was gradually forgotten. In the 19th century, the work was completed by its arbitrary destruction and dismantling into stone.

What did this tabernacle originally look like? Its walls were made of granite blocks, it was decorated with a square tower. The nave measured 11 x 8.4 meters and was adjacent to the sacristy. A part of the whole area was even a cemetery for the four nearest villages. However, the burial ended in 1804, when a cemetery was established in Běšiny.

Be sure to come and see this magical place. You will have the impression that you are not standing in front of the remains of the church, but the castle. The village takes perfect care of the place. This is evidenced by the clean surroundings with freshly cut arm. In short, a feast for the eyes in this direction as well.


Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý