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One of the most famous churches in Prague is dedicated to St. James, it was built in 1232 by Wenceslas I, is located in the Old Town and is associated with a number of legends and legends. Probably the most famous of them is associated with the statue of the Virgin Mary on the main altar, which was considered magical. From time immemorial, people have worshiped her and brought her gifts that the robber wanted to seize. He was locked in the church so that he could steal the gifts. The moment he took the cord with the ducats, the hand of the statue of the Virgin Mary grabbed his hand so tightly that the thief found the monastery superior only in the morning, when the church opened. The hand of the statue did not release the thief until the monastery's superior asked her if the thief's hand should be cut off. She was actually cut off from him and visitors can see her even today. It hangs hanging on a chain directly in the church.

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Adress: Malá Štupartská 635, Praha 1
GPS: 50.08833250, 14.42472170
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Another legend is related to Wrocław Václav of Mitrovice, who is buried in the church. He allegedly dreamed in his dream that he had come to life again after he died. Fearing that something like this might actually happen, he begged for his heart to be pierced with a needle after his death, which the hairdresser could not do. Vratislav Václav of Mitrovice, however, really came to life after death and being placed in a coffin and hammered into the tombstone in vain with the lid of the coffin. The dead and with horror in his eyes were allegedly discovered next to the coffin by monks.

Church of St. Jakub is one of the most important in Prague and you can find it at Jakubská and Malá Štupartská streets. St. James the Greater, to whom the church is dedicated, was the brother of the evangelist John. Today, the church, together with the school building and the minority monastery, forms a unique urban complex.

Leading Baroque artists took care of the decoration of the church's interior. The Passion of St. Jakub, the painting, located in the main altar, is the work of Václav Vavřinec Reiner, in addition, there is the third largest set of paintings by the painter Petr Brandl, located on the altar of St. Wenceslas, All Saints, St. Joseph and the Ascension of the Virgin Mary.

In the interior of the church of St. Jakub is attracted by the imposing tombstone of Jan Václav Vratislav of Mitrovice, who was the highest Czech chancellor. The tomb was designed by J. B. Fischer from Erlach and decorated with sculptures by Maximilian Brokoff.

However, the oldest sculptural work in the interior of the church is the polychrome late Gothic Pieta, from around 1500, located on the main altar.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová