Church of St. Jiří Libušín

Church of St. Jiří nad Libušínem near Kladno stands in places where, according to legend, Princess Libuše lived and where her prophecy about the great city was heard. At least that's how it is written in the Cosmos Chronicle. The princess was "relocated" to Vyšehrad more than 200 years later by the chronicler Pulkava.

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Adress: Kostel sv. Jiří, Libušín
GPS: 50.16183000, 14.03681610
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Interesting facts Church of St. Jiří Libušín

It actually stood on the site of today's church in 6-7. century fortified settlement, as evidenced by the findings of ceramics of the Prague type. Among other things, an engraved pictures of riders on marl stones from the fortifications were an interesting find. Apparently one of the guards used to spend a long time on patrol like this.

In the 9th century, the Libušín fortified settlement, together with the Budčí center, protected the territory of the Czech tribe. Its name, in contrast to the legend of Princess Libuše, comes from the male name Luboš, and in fact the origin of the fortified seat dates back to a younger period than Libuše allegedly lived in.

Although the church itself has a Gothic chancel from the end of the 13th century, its foundations probably date back to an even older period. The names of its pastors have been documented since 1340. A separate bell tower was built in 1500 and recently repaired. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this place has also been a place of pilgrimage and cemetery. Unfortunately, the church is one of the places that was the target of vandals and thieves. At the turn of the 20th century, after their "visits", he was gradually deprived of Baroque altar paintings, a bell dating from 1504 and gilded wood carvings from the altar and pulpit.

Fortunately, he also met a more pleasant fate, namely the regular revival of history in a "live broadcast", because every year, at the end of April, its surroundings resound with the noise and roar of a medieval battle. It is the largest event of its kind in the Czech Republic, with international participation and a hallmark of quality. Here you have the opportunity to see more than 1000 fighters in action and experience the atmosphere of a medieval marketplace and a military camp.

Whether this place attracts you with its history or you come to see the medieval race, you will certainly not be disappointed.


Author: Ivana Dondová