Malenisko - Marian pilgrimage site

Do you like quiet places associated with faith and contemplation, ideally paired with beautiful nature? Such a possibility will be offered by a place called Malenisko less than two kilometers from the village of Provodov, located on the border between Slovácko and Wallachia, in Vizovické vrchy. On the slopes of the Brda ridge there is an almost alone pilgrimage church dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Snows, complemented by only a few houses, a well with healing water and the Stations of the Cross.

Information for visitors

Adress: Provodov 200, Provodov
GPS: 49.15036000, 17.74785000
Malenisko - Marian pilgrimage site map

Interesting facts Malenisko - Marian pilgrimage site

The first reports from the beginning of the 18th century come about Malenisko as a place of pilgrimage. According to legend, the miller Anna Vlaštovicová from Provodov, who suffered from a serious eye defect, appeared in a dream in an old man and led her to a place with healing water. The next day, the miller actually came to this place and washed her eyes with water, which miraculously healed her eyes. Rumors of it spread and already in 1712 a lot of people from the area came here. One of the others healed was allegedly Dorota Jahodová, who out of gratitude donated to the pilgrimage site a painting by an unknown author depicting the Virgin Mary nursing. Such a depiction of the Virgin Mary is the only one in Central Europe, as it was not customary to depict her in this way north of the Alps. Today, this unique work is hung on the main altar in the pilgrimage church. Its reproduction can be found in several chapels in the area and also in the one that stands right next to the church and there is a well with "holy water" under it. Thus, every pilgrim can worship the Virgin Mary at any time and strengthen himself with a sip of water. The miraculous spring itself is said to be located under the altar. A modern altar for open-air services is also set up next to the church. Among other things, there is a beautiful view of the opposite hills.

The Stations of the Cross from the church then leads up a steep hill and there are the usual twelve stops ending in a chapel. Today's road with stone stops is the third in a row here and dates from the years 1917-1918, when it was built as a reminder of the surrounding villages to their parishioners who fell in the First World War.

Malenisko has its own special charm. Stop here for a moment and just meditate. Indulge in the peace and quiet of this place, for example, early in the morning, when the fog is just rising from the valley. Maybe then this place will seem really magical to you.


Author: Martina Limbergová