Tábor - Smyslov - Kozí Hrádek - Sezimovo ústí + Back train

A short trip to the vicinity of Tábor. Visitors will be guided through local attractions within a two-hour drive with hearty stops.

Information for visitors

Adress: Mostecká, Tábor
GPS: 49.40916310, 14.67786690
Tábor - Smyslov - Kozí Hrádek - Sezimovo ústí + Back train map

Interesting facts Tábor - Smyslov - Kozí Hrádek - Sezimovo ústí + Back train

Take the local station on route 1174. Just a few meters away you will have a view of the large city pond Jordán. After a short stop, continue along Vožická Street out of town. The street is quite busy, fortunately you do not drive along it for long. During the trip to the village Záluží you will overcome a slight terrain wave. But it will not be dramatic. In the mentioned village, take the cycle route, which deviates from the main road and continues through the village of Smyslov to Hlinecký rybník.

Leave the route here and follow the blue sign to the right. The paved path will take you to the road leading along the bank of the Knížecí rybník reservoir for a while. There is also a camp by the pond, so it is possible to have something small to eat here.

This is followed by a section of green markings taking place on a forest road. You will drive along the edge between the meadow and the forest. After the settlement of Kozský, you will reach an asphalt road, which is also followed by a bicycle sign with the number 1206. Kozí hrádek and the Jezero pond are less than five hundred meters away. You can reach the ruins directly following the red sign. If the name Kozí Hrádek tells you something, I will suggest that it is connected with the work of Jan Hus and the Hussite movement. Hus stayed at the castle for about a year, writing and lecturing. The monument is relatively well preserved, the walls and cellars are visible.

There are two alternatives to the journey to Sezimovo Ústí by train. You can either use the red sign and go around the Kozský brook or you can return to the crossroads and follow the cycle route No. 1206 through the forest. Both variants will take you through the city to the train station. However, if you still have enough strength and time, return to Tábor by bike. It is not far, the cities are practically right next to each other. The most pleasant route for the return is the cycle route No. 1173 around the river Lužnice. You can get to it both by the red sign and by the cycle route No. 1206.


Author: Martina Zapletalová