Blansko - Jakubovo jezero - Skalní mlýn - Macocha Abyss - Blansko

This trip will take you to the Moravian Karst - a karst area with many caves and rock formations, the destination of your trip will be a popular excursion area - the Macocha Abyss.

Macocha Blansko

Information for visitors

Adress: Bartošova, Blansko
GPS: 49.35825830, 16.64990750
Blansko - Jakubovo jezero - Skalní mlýn - Macocha Abyss - Blansko map

Interesting facts Blansko - Jakubovo jezero - Skalní mlýn - Macocha Abyss - Blansko

You will set off from the town of Blansko along Gellhomova Street. The route leads through a wooded valley, accompanies you through a region of engineering, heavy industry and smelters. You will enter the landscape with a typical natural character by the Jakub lake.

The lake is a slightly misleading name, as the reservoir was created artificially on the river Punkva and in the past served as a source of water for industrial enterprises in the area. After a short break, you will connect to the road again - this time already named as cycle route No. 5. The road is still winding through valleys and deep forests and is getting closer to the river Punkva.

After about five kilometers you will see the first cave on the right side. From here it is close to the center, such a small town called Rock Mill. There is an information center, a restaurant, a hotel and several souvenir shops, most often with a mineral theme.

From this place you will cross the cycle route No. 505 (or blue markings) and continue along the valley path along the Macocha Nature Trail. The road is lined with rock formations and caves. After about five kilometers you will come to the signpost U Punkevních jeskyní. As the name suggests, this is a place that is a starting point to visit one of the most famous caves. The visitor route leads through the cave complex to the Macocha Abyss and back out along the Punkva river. You will complete the last section on a boat guided by a guide.

You can also see the abyss from the upper bridge, along the axis of the blue markings, or let yourself be taken up by cable car. This section is more difficult to climb. It is best to return to the starting point of the journey along the same path, because there is no train connection near the abyss, in summer it is possible to use cycle buses departing from Vilémovice.


Author: Martina Zapletalová