Sloup - Šošůvka - Helišova skála - Sloup

As the name suggests, the route will take us through karst formations and caves. This area belongs to the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area.
The starting point of the route is the town of Sloup, from which these natural monuments are the easiest to reach. The circuit is short, suitable for a family trip, for example.

In the village we can, for example, visit the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows located directly on the main road. Follow this road.

Information for visitors

Adress: Sloup 74, Sloup
GPS: 49.41383890, 16.73670080
Sloup - Šošůvka - Helišova skála - Sloup map

Interesting facts Sloup - Šošůvka - Helišova skála - Sloup

The route copies the most important landmarks of this region and leads along the red mark. So, for example, you can see rock formations with names such as Father, Mother, Son or Thirsty, Europe, etc.
In order to get closer to the caves themselves, it is necessary to turn in time at the signpost of the Sloupsko-šošůvská cave on a forest unmarked path. It runs parallel to the main road, to which it then returns.
At the beginning you have the opportunity to turn to the Sloupské Caves, and at the end to the Šošůvský Caves. After visiting these natural attractions, join the cycle route No. 5 and head to the village of Šošůvka. After a while, leave this trail and you can make a short stop in the Šošůvská abyss located in the old quarry.

Another suitable and interesting stop is the goat farm in Šošůvka and it is possible to combine it with a tasting of local cheese production. Then follow the main road towards the village of Housko. Before the end of Šošůvka, at the crossroads by the fire tank, turn right. The branched turn will take you to the destination of the way to the top of Helišova skála. The right branch of the road leads to the quarry to the water surface, and the left to the top of this hill.

Return to the starting point of the journey - the town of Sloup along the cycle path No. 5075 through the center of the village of Šošůvka. Along the way, a slight short climb awaits you and then a longer steeper descent to the starting point of the trip.


Author: Martina Zapletalová