Mikulov - Valtice - Lednice

A not very demanding trip that will take you to South Moravia to the beautiful surroundings of the Lednice-Valtice area.

Valtice Mikulov Mikulov Lednice

Information for visitors

Adress: Venušina 1537/2, Mikulov
GPS: 48.80981690, 16.64294720
Mikulov - Valtice - Lednice map

Interesting facts Mikulov - Valtice - Lednice

You will start your trip in the town of Mikulov, surrounded by a hill with vineyards and many other interesting places. For example, the Jewish center of the village and the adjacent Jewish cemetery, the hill with caves "Na Turoldu", the flooded limestone quarry, the Holy Hill with the church of St. Šebestiána or the local Mikulov Chateau.

From the west of the city, set off on a cycle route aptly named Mikulovská (No. 41) around the railway line. The road leads perhaps the straightest possible path through a landscape of fields. The first significant stop is at Nový rybník. You will also find a small castle Insel on the peninsula.

Excursions hungry for attractions can turn left around the pond onto the Valtice cycle path, pass through the village of Mušlov, in the vicinity of which there are several bunkers of light fortifications. Then continue through the village of Sedlec, near the eastern part of which is a huge pond Nesyt, included in the National Nature Reserve Lednice Ponds. Connect to the original route through the center of the village and the cycle route No. 41 heading south to the village of Úvaly. The road passes quickly as we drive along the plain or from a gentle hill.

Through Úvaly and the endless vineyards in the area, you can take it quickly, around a bend, to get as quickly as possible directly to Valtice, a town impressively surrounded by vineyards and orchards. To find your way around the crossroads of several cycle routes, continue to the center along the EV9 cycle route (No. 411). Valtice Castle or National Agricultural Museum are regional attractions.

For the trip to Lednice, you can use the leading road No. 442. It will take you through the vineyards, through the Lednice reservoirs. Alternatively, go along the Mikulov cycle route to the village of Hlohovec, see the Hraniční zámeček there, cross the dam and set off along the shore of the Hlohovec pond and the Knížecí cycle route on the same road.

There are many lakes and waterways in the vicinity of Lednice, directly in the town there is the Lednice Chateau and adjoining park. You can find out more in detail at the local castle information center. In the park you will find various botanical species and famous monuments such as the Aqueduct, Minaret.

Near the mentioned Minaret is a water port on the river Stará Dyje, along the axis of which you can get to Břeclav and from there by train to Brno.


Author: Martina Zapletalová